Our Wish List

£250 will pay for a photographer to take a new set of professional photos

£300 will buy a new set of B minor Mass parts, to replace the current ones which are deteriorating

£400 will commission an illustrator to create a new piece of artwork for use on our publicity materials

£500 will pay for the hire of beautiful Canongate Kirk for the rehearsals and performance

£600 will pay for the hire, moving, and tuning of the harpsichord for the rehearsals and performance

£1,100 will pay for the bespoke staging and lighting, brought in to Canongate Kirk for our performance

Also available, with cost dependent on size/scale:
To host a reception after the Christmas Oratorio performance

Musical Gifts

Sponsor one of the choruses or arias of the B minor Mass for the performance in August, which can be credited in the concert programme and on our website in your name, or in honour of a friend or family member:-

 £250 to sponsor one of the choruses
 £500 to sponsor one of the arias
 £1,000 to sponsor the Sanctus

All Ludus Amici and sponsors are listed in the concert programmes and on the website.

By completing a GiftAid form, donations of UK tax-payers is increased by 25% directly by HMRC.